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Should You Get an Arm Lift?

Posted December 15, 2020 in ARM LIFT

Woman stretching at the park It happens to most of us as we get older – the upper arms start to sag and droop. It can be difficult to get rid of this excess fat and skin; as you may have noticed, this is one of those areas of the body that does not respond well to exercise! If you’re tired of sagging, flabby upper arm skin, brachioplasty can help!

What is brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is the medical term for an arm lift, which is the removal of excess fat and skin from the underside of the upper arms. The result is arms that look younger, more contoured, and more toned.

The upper arms naturally start to sag as people get older, but people who have lost a lot of weight may also have excess fat and skin. It might also be caused by genetics.

What is the process for an arm lift?

Arm lift surgery may take place in your doctor’s office, or it might be done in a hospital. Most often, it is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon will make incisions under the arms; the size of these incisions depends on how much skin and fat need to be removed. These incisions will leave scars, but they are typically in places that aren’t easily visible. The surgeon will reshape the arm tissue and secure it and may use liposuction to remove fat.

What happens after an arm lift?

Your arms will be bruised and swollen after the procedure. For a few weeks after an arm lift, you should avoid lifting your arms above your shoulders, and you should avoid any strenuous activity, although small walks are encouraged to prevent complications such as blood clots. You should also avoid heavy lifting. You can return to work within a few days.

It may take time for the swelling to go down and the healing to complete. However, the results will last for years, especially if you remain at a healthy, stable weight.

If you miss wearing your favorite sundress or sleeveless blouse because you are ashamed of flabby upper arms, Specialists in Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina, can help! Call (919) 785-0505 today to make an appointment.