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Common Questions About Male Breast Reduction

Posted November 30, 2020 in BREAST REDUCTION

Chest of a fit manGynecomastia is a condition that causes enlarged or overdeveloped breast tissue in men. It can be a frustrating and confusing problem for the large percentage of adults that experience it to some degree. Here, we answer common questions about this condition and explain how you can achieve a flatter and more masculine chest through gynecomastia surgery.

Does Gynecomastia Go Away?

Some cases of gynecomastia can improve gradually without treatment. This is particularly true of gynecomastia that happens in babies and teens.

Unfortunately, many adult men struggle with enlarged breast tissue that doesn’t go away. Some cases of gynecomastia simply don’t respond well to non-surgical medical treatment.

How Can I Fix My Gynecomastia?

Many different things can cause gynecomastia, including certain medications, substances, hormone changes, and health conditions. That is why it’s important to visit a doctor to determine the cause of your condition.

Your doctor may be able to help you fix your gynecomastia without surgery by prescribing hormonal treatment or helping you manage an underlying health condition. If these approaches fail to produce the results you desire, male breast reduction surgery is a safe and reliable solution.

What Are My Surgical Options?

Often, surgery to treat gynecomastia involves using liposuction to remove excess fatty deposits. It is also normal to remove excess skin and glandular breast tissue. Enlarged areolas can also be reduced to a more flattering size.

The right approach will depend on your unique situation and will be discussed with you before your procedure. No matter the techniques used during the surgery, male breast reduction is a reliable way to achieve a flatter and more defined chest appearance. It can be an excellent option for men who are distressed by excess male breast tissue and find that it affects their daily lives.

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