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Otoplasty Surgery in Raleigh, NC

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, gives the ears a naturally streamlined appearance. Often performed on children over the age of five, otoplasty can help prevent traumatic teasing and negative self-image that may occur as a result of protruding ears. Otoplasty may also be performed on adults who are bothered by similar ear problems.

Who Should Get Ear Surgery?

Candidates for ear surgery should be healthy and have fully developed ears, which usually occurs around five to six years of age.

Otoplasty can treat:

  • Protruding ears
  • Oversized ears
  • Asymmetric ears
  • Irregular ear shape

The goal of ear surgery is to enhance the natural proportions of the face and restore a sense of balance. The reshaped ears should be symmetrical and should emerge from the head at a natural angle, without a pinned-back appearance. Both ears are typically treated during the same surgery.

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Otoplasty Patient 2

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What to Expect During Your Ear Surgery

The techniques used during ear surgery will vary depending on the type of correction being performed. General anesthetic or intravenous sedation will be administered to ensure your comfort during the procedure. During ear angle adjustment, incisions are made behind the ear, hidden in the natural ear folds. Cartilage and tissue are removed or reshaped so the ear position can be adjusted.

Once the improved position has been achieved, the incisions are closed with fine sutures for minimal scarring. In some cases, incisions will be necessary on the front of the ear, as well. When at all possible, incisions will be hidden within the natural folds of the ear.

Understanding the Risks of Ear Surgery

Ear surgery has a low incidence of complications. Asymmetry, infection, bleeding, reopening of the incisions, and changes in sensitivity are possible. During your consultation, we will discuss risks and safety information in detail.

After Your Surgery

After the procedure, gauze or bandages are applied to protect the ears from infection. A head band or compression dressing is applied for the first few weeks to maintain the new position. You may experience some discomfort in the first few days, which can be managed with over-the-counter medication. Some swelling and bruising is likely, which resolves over the course of a few weeks.

In most cases, normal activities can be resumed in 7-10 days, though strenuous activity should be avoided for at least a few weeks. The ears should be protected from accidental impact for the first few months. Incisions lines will fade in approximately 12-18 months after ear surgery.

How much does Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty) cost?

At your consultation, Kristen or Laura will provide you with a detailed individual estimate given your surgeon’s recommendations. Please click here if you would like a generalized price estimate.

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