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Breast Implant Exchange in Raleigh, NC

Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most common and effective plastic surgery procedures available. Women are able to have larger, fuller, more symmetrical breasts to increase their comfort in and confidence with their appearance.

While these aesthetic corrections can help rejuvenate a woman’s life, it’s important to know that after receiving breast implants, the results are not permanent, and the implants may require replacement during your lifetime. This means that you should expect to have future visits with your plastic surgeon to discuss changes in your breasts.

In addition to replacing your breast implants after their lifespan, you may choose to exchange your implants for aesthetic reasons.

Your breasts can change due to aging, weight fluctuations, hormonal factors and gravity. If you become dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts, you may choose to undergo a breast lift or implant exchange to restore a more youthful contour.

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Why Should I Choose Specialists in Plastic Surgery for My Breast Implant Exchange?

Raleigh’s Specialists in Plastic Surgery is known throughout North Carolina for offering the widest selection of breast surgery options — including saline implants and today’s highly advanced and popular anatomically shaped silicone gel breast implants.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons have over 75 years of combined experience in cosmetic plastic surgery and are often referred to by other doctors and physicians in Raleigh.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Implant Exchange?

The reason women undergo breast augmentation surgery in the first place is to gain a fuller, more voluminous breast appearance that improves their confidence. And while the reasons for wanting or needing the breast implant exchange varies for each patient, the benefits remain the same.

Women are able to have the contoured appearance that they desire so that they can feel comfortable wearing the clothes they want (from T-shirts to bikini tops) and confident in their appearance. After your breast implant exchange, you will continue to have the breast size and shape you desire.

Is Breast Implant Exchange Right for Me?

Breast implant exchange in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a surgical procedure that removes or replaces breast implants placed during breast augmentation.

The procedure may be indicated for medical reasons, or it may be the patient’s personal choice.

To provide a satisfactory aesthetic outcome, an additional cosmetic procedure may be performed during or after breast implant removal. Removal of breast implants can be followed by no implant placement or replacement with a different implant type (silicone gel vs. saline).

Am I a Candidate for Breast Implant Removal or Exchange?

If your breast implants are old and in need of being replaced, or you are looking to change your implant type or size, then breast implant exchange surgery may be right for you.

Other reasons that may lead to a breast implant exchange can be issues with your current implants, including:

  • Breast implant rupture
  • Capsular contracture
  • Pain in the breasts from implants
  • Unpleasing aesthetic/results
  • Implant displacement
  • Visible implant rippling
  • Nipple malposition
  • Soft tissue changes

If you feel that you are a candidate for breast implant exchange, then schedule your consultation at Specialists in Plastic Surgery today.

Woman in white bra

How Should I Prepare for My Breast Implant Exchange?

The most important aspect of your breast implant exchange preparation is your consultation at Specialists in Plastic Surgery. At your consultation, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss your condition as well as your expectations and desires for your breasts.

Photos and imaging (such as a mammogram, ultrasound or MRI) will be taken at your consultation to help evaluate your current implants.

You will need to stop smoking (or vaping) at least six weeks prior to your surgery. You will also need to avoid taking any aspirin and anti-inflammatory medication during the days leading up to your procedure.

How Is Breast Implant Exchange Surgery Performed?

Breast implant exchange can be performed under either local anesthesia or general anesthesia. It is a relatively straightforward procedure.

The implant is typically approached through the same surgical incisions as your original breast augmentation to minimize scarring. If you are having the implant material or size changed in the exchange, then a longer incision may be necessary, though this is not always the case.

After the incision is made, your plastic surgeon will remove the current implant and replace it with the new one. This procedure generally lasts anywhere from one to two hours, but this will vary depending on your particular condition.

If you are experiencing capsular contracture, your implant removal will also include a capsulectomy to remove the affected scar tissue from the breast pocket.

Can I Combine Other Procedures With My Breast Implant Exchange?

Many women choose to combine breast lift surgery (mastopexy) with their implant exchange. This is done for several reasons. The first is that the breasts tend to sag over time, as the breast tissue becomes stretched out and collagen and elastin production decreases.

When this happens, a breast lift is the only way to raise the breasts to a perkier, more youthful height. Additionally, combining procedures minimizes the overall cost and recovery time, since you are having and recovering from the different procedures at the same time.

We do not advise undergoing surgical and non-surgical procedures simultaneously. If you are looking for both, your treatments will be scheduled separately.

After Your Breast Implant Exchange

When breast augmentation is first performed, the skin stretches to accommodate the implants. If they are removed, it is likely that your skin will not shrink back to a satisfactory state. If you have saline implants, they can be deflated in the office prior to your surgery. This will give you time to adjust to the “new” breast look and allow you to decide if you like it or not.

While it is possible that your breasts will return to their pre-augmentation appearance, most patients will benefit from another cosmetic procedure. Your plastic surgeon may recommend a breast lift (mastopexy) to tighten the tissues and excess skin.

To meet your appearance goals, your plastic surgeon may also recommend a different implant size or implant type.

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