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Plastic Surgery Pricing

Breast Procedure Pricing List 2020

Breast Augmentation$7,000 – $8,200
Breast Implant Exchange$6,100 – $8,100
Breast Implant Removal$3,200 – $5,200
Breast Reduction$7,200 – $8,400
Mastopexy$6,000 – $7,500

Body Procedure Pricing List 2020

Abdominoplasty$7,000 – $10,400
Body Lift$12,400 – $13,900
Bra Roll Excision$5,300
Gynecomastia$5,400 – $7,600
Liposuction$4,300 – $5,200 per area
Mommy Makeover$9,200 – $15,200
Thigh Lift$4,900 – $7,500

Face Procedure Pricing List 2020

Blepharoplasty$3,900 – $5,900
Facelift$6,800 – $9,400
Necklift$5,200 – $5,700
Otoplasty$3,400 – $5,000
Rhinoplasty$4,700 – $6,200
Silhouette Instalift$3,450 – $4,550
Submental Liposuction$3,000

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