Nose Reshaping

Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure to enhance the appearance of your nose. For some patients, it also improves the function of the nose, especially if the person suffers from a deviated septum or other structural abnormality. The nose is the focal point of the face, and changes to it can have a powerful effect on the overall balance of your face—even with just minor surgical adjustments.

Who Should Get Rhinoplasty?

The best candidates for rhinoplasty are in good overall health and possess realistic expectations about what nose surgery will be like and what it can do for them. Patients have to be old enough to have completed facial growth, which generally means that they have reached at least 14 years of age. However, your surgeon will need to consult with each patient directly in order to assess whether or not he or she is a candidate.

Rhinoplasty Can Treat:

  • Noses that are disproportionate (too large or wide) for the face
  • Dorsal humps (often called a “bump” on the bridge of the nose)
  • Thick, droopy or enlarged tips of the nose
  • Large or overly flared nostrils
  • Asymmetrical noses
  • Off center noses
  • Breathing difficulties

Rhinoplasty can also correct injuries to the face caused by trauma, disease, or previous surgeries. Both men and women can benefit from the procedure.

Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos

rhinoplasty before and after photo

Vectra 3-D Imaging For Rhinoplasty

In many cases, it is difficult for patients considering rhinoplasty to understand the expected outcome. Fortunately, planning and approximating the results with our Vectra 3D Imaging system has made this much easier.

A nose that is humped, wide, or crooked should be seen from several angles to understand what needs to be reshaped. With the 6-camera Vectra imaging system, we can capture images of your face and then analyze the angles of your nose from different viewpoints as the image rotates.

What To Expect During Your Nose Surgery

When you have nose surgery, it will require general and/or local anesthesia in an outpatient surgical setting. We begin by making incisions within the nostrils or across the base of the nose. We will then separate the skin from the underlying soft cartilage and bone. Specialized tools will help your doctor reshape the underlying structure of your nose.

After nose reshaping, all incisions are secured with sutures. A cotton dressing or soft nasal splints will be placed inside of your nasal passage, as well as an external splint on the outside to support and protect your nose.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

You will need to stay home and keep your head elevated after surgery in the days following surgery in order to minimize swelling. The bruising and swelling will be its worst during this time, but after about a week or so you will start to notice it slowly subside. Within a couple of weeks, the bruising should resolve completely and swelling should resolve gradually over the next two months.

You will need to wait 10-14 days before you resume your normal activities, and, when you do, you will need to protect your nose from impact and sun exposure. Strenous activity needs to be avoided for several weeks.

Understanding The Risks Of Nose Surgery

All surgical procedures, including nose surgery, carry risks. Your surgeon will discuss these with you during your consultation and at the time of your surgery. Some of the risks of rhinoplasty include infection, bleeding, changes in sensitivity, and asymmetry.

How Much Does A Rhinoplasty Cost?

At your consultation, Kristen or Laura will provide you with a detailed individual estimate given your surgeon’s recommendations. Please click here if you would like a generalized price estimate.

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