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Get Post-Baby Beautiful with a Mommy Makeover – Part I

Posted October 03, 2013 in Plastic Surgery

With motherhood comes all sorts of new decisions. Even new celebrity moms like Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian have to decide on diapers, clothing, and day care for their new bundles of joy. But those decisions also include deciding on how to regain that pre-baby body.

Here’s what we’d suggest for Kate and Kim and the millions of new moms like them.

For Kate and Kim, a Mommy Makeover may just be the answer to helping them get post-baby, camera-ready again. But it’s not just celebrity moms that need a helping hand when diet and exercise stop working.

So what are these moms doing to get back the body they once had?

Mommy Makeovers can be the jump-start to a new life for all moms. For new moms, pregnancy can reveal all sorts of changes physically. After the baby’s born, mothers frequently have to battle postpartum depression, which is signified by a lack of motivation, less of a desire to participate in social or physical activities, and can even put a strain on intimacy. For other moms, school lunches, carpools and laundry don’t allow for much gym time.

In this three-part Mommy Makeover series, you’ll learn about what it takes to get rid of that belly bulge and how to get all those curves into all the right places. Stay tuned as we describe the benefits of both a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation after pregnancy.

Or, if you think you’re ready right now…

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