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How to Know if a Mommy Makeover is Right For You – Part II

Posted November 13, 2013 in Body Sculpting

In part one of the mommy makeover series, we discussed how celebrity moms like Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian, who seemingly do it all while still maintaining a perfect figure, may have had a jump start to their new mommy figure. Today we’re going to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Some moms feel as though they are left with their post-baby body as some sort of symbolization or mark of their being a mother, so it’s no surprise that more women are thinking about body contouring procedures. Well, as the name implies, mommy makeovers are…well…just that. A makeover for moms looking for a way to feel like themselves again.

Each mother struggles with a different set of problems resulting from their pregnancies. Stretch marks, disproportionate or sagging breasts, and a bulge around the belly are some of the most common issues. The ideal candidates for a mommy makeover are healthy women who aren’t looking to have any more children. Why? It’s really for your benefit. Especially if you are looking to flatten and smooth your post baby-belly with a tummy tuck procedure.


Tummy tucks are designed to help moms free themselves of the unwanted skin and tissue left over from pregnancy. The tummy tuck procedure literally removes and “tucks” away the hanging skin and tissue around your mid-section, providing your body with a smoother shape. Learn more about the procedure here.

But some moms may have a bigger issue at stake.


Liposuction removes unwanted, excess fat. It targets fat deposits that tummy tucks just can’t. Helping to actually contour your shape, liposuction is typically used in conjunction with a tummy tuck or can be performed as a separate procedure later down the road.


If you have your first kid and follow up with a mommy makeover only to become pregnant just a year later, then the results of your procedure may be damaged during this new pregnancy. If you even have the slightest thought in the back of your mind that you may want another baby, just hold off on surgery a bit longer. Then once you are ready, you can throw aside the mom-jeans and feel sexy again in your pre-baby body while still being the super mom that you are.

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t feel sexy. The proof is out there – just look at a Kate and Kim. But obtaining a flatter tummy is just step one. Check back when we discuss how we are helping new moms not only slim down, but fill out as well.