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Silhouette InstaLift: A Facelift without the Downtime

Posted August 15, 2020 in Face

Have you considered having a face lift but simply cannot work the recovery time into your schedule or afford to take a step back from being visible long enough to heal? Saggy skin is one of the biggest contributors to the face looking older than it should. But for busy women on the go, a facelift may not be an option. If you feel you need an option that will refresh your appearance, eliminate unsightly sagging, and smooth wrinkles from your jawline to your temple without the downtime, you might consider the Silhouette InstaLift.

What Is Silhouette InstaLift?

Silhouette Instalift is an FDA-approved procedure being touted as the “future facelift.” It’s the first non-invasive procedure in the U.S. It takes about an hour and provides immediate results. The procedure is performed by inserting a tiny thread with collagen cones that pull the middle cheek up toward the cheekbone. Only a tiny area of local anesthetic is used at the incision site. The collagen cones are absorbed by the body, promoting skin health, and the sutures dissolve without any need for removal, and the procedure lasts about two years.

A Facelift on Your Lunch Break

When you consider the six weeks of downtime that accompany a full facelift, the Silhouette InstaLift is remarkable. It’s not perfect for everyone – some people prefer to have much more extensive work done one time that will be more permanent. But for someone who needs to get back to work or needs to give a speech or presentation or has a class reunion coming up, the Silhouette InstaLift can be a dream come true. Because the procedure can be done with a simple office visit, there is not real downtime or recovery time required. Many celebrities rely on the procedure as their “Red Carpet” procedure to give their faces the most youthful appearance possible before the big event.

This in-office procedure requires only local anesthesia at the insertion sites to provide comfort. Furthermore, the total length of this procedure is approximately 1 hour.

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