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Rejuvenate, Refresh, and Renew

Posted June 19, 2015 in Plastic Surgery

It is said that your ‘eyes are the windows to your soul’. As we age, those proverbial windows may need a little rejuvenation. This summer, help your eyes look their best. The physicians and nurse injectors at Raleigh’s Specialists in Plastic Surgery and the M Spa offer a non-surgical option to refresh your eyes and leave you looking younger.

Non-Surgical Natural Look

The doctor’s and nurse injectors at Specialists in Plastic Surgery offer a vast array of experience and expertise to give you a natural look that doesn’t say ‘I just had work done’. We have two expert nurse injectors, Beth and Amy. Both highly trained registered nurses, Beth and Amy will work with you to ensure you have a comfortable and satisfying experience.

A more natural look can be achieved through non-surgical injectable fillers. By adding volume, injectable fillers, such as Restylane, can reduce wrinkles and the appearance of sagging skin. Likewise, Botox and Dysport can be used to relax wrinkles and stop new wrinkles from forming.

Personalized Consultation

During your consultation, our physicians and nurse injectors work with you to understand your goals. By listening to your needs, wants, and concerns, we are able to fully understand the areas that you feel you need help with. We recognize that each person’s face is unique—at Specialists in Plastic Surgery, we believe in creating a customized approach exclusive to you. Based both on your desired outcome and physiology, our staff will determine the ideal products to use as well as where to place each injection to ensure optimum results.

Combo Procedures

Our expertise and skill learned over countless procedures helps us determine the best products to use for each patient. In many cases, we may suggest a combo approach –using both fillers and treatments like Botox or Dysport. During our combo procedures we focus on improving an area with problems from multiple angles. This allows us to create a look that fully meets your expectations in one procedure.

Discover Your Possibilities

Under the guidance of our physicians and nurse injectors, Beth and Amy will take the time to fully educate you about your treatment options and the outcomes possible. This includes information on each of the fillers, how they differ from each other, and why we recommend the procedure. We feel it’s important for you to be an expert on the procedure you are undergoing—we want you to be able to make educated decisions regarding your look and health.

Are you interested in learning more about our non-surgical eye rejuvenation treatments? See what one of our physicians and nurse injectors can do for you. Contact us to

schedule your consultation with Specialists in Plastic Surgery and the M Spa today.