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Here’s What a Mommy Makeover Looks Like

Posted January 05, 2018 in Uncategorized

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Are you interested in a mommy makeover but have no idea what the entire process look like? You are not alone! Many women hear the term “mommy makeover” thrown around, without really understanding how much planning and unique considerations are involved in the process. The Specialists in Plastic Surgery in Raleigh and Cary understand that your goals are dramatically different from the next woman and so you deserve a specifically designed plan of care.

Step 1: Your Goals

Before you even meet with our skilled team of plastic surgeons, it is important for you to sit down and think through your goals for a mommy makeover. Your answers can be specific like “remove extra skin on the stomach” or broad like “to create more balanced proportions.” Here are a few of goals we see from women at our Raleigh and Cary practices:

  • Increase breast size or shape
  • Create more lifted breasts
  • Remove excess, loose skin from stomach
  • Improve overall proportions
  • Increase comfort when wearing tight-fitting clothing
  • Improve self-image
  • Improve appearance after pregnancy

Step 2: Consultation with Your Plastic Surgeon

After you have your goals in mind, it’s time to meet with our skilled team of board certified plastic surgeons. During this meeting, your unique mommy makeover package will be created. While every woman is unique, most mommy makeover procedures include a breast enhancement procedure (breast lift or breast augmentation) and a body contouring procedures (tummy tuck and/or liposuction).

During this time, your plastic surgeon will also be able to walk through expectations for the procedure and the recovery process. This will be unique for your mommy makeover plan.

Step 3: Mommy Makeover Time

Your time has finally come! All the planning and special considerations with your plastic surgeon has finally come to your mommy makeover procedure.

Step 4: Recovery Process

Allowing yourself time to recover from your procedures is an essential aspect of the entire mommy makeover process. Preparing for your recovery can help make this process much easier.

Most women decide to take 2 to 4 weeks off of work and arrange for their partner and/or family to take care of the little ones in the early weeks to help with the healing process. It’s recommended that there is no heavy lifting until 4-6 weeks after your procedure. You can expect bruising and swelling after your procedure, which will fade over the following weeks.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Results

Women take this last step in different ways. Some can’t wait to slip in a form-fitting dress that flaunts their results. Some finally buy that lace bra in the size they have been patiently waiting for. Some simply look in the mirror and smile. However you wish to enjoy your results, this step is important! We love seeing the happiness and confidence in the aftermath of mommy makeovers.

Begin Your Mommy Makeover in North Carolina

If you are interested in pursuing a mommy makeover, feel free to schedule your initial consultation with the Specialists in Plastic Surgery in Raleigh or Cary today.