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Dermal Fillers: A More Youthful You

Posted April 11, 2016 in Plastic Surgery

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In hopes of a more youthful appeal, men and women are more and more turning to non-surgical solutions to enhance their facial appearance. At Specialists in Plastic Surgery, dermal fillers are a favorite amongst our patients. By restoring fullness to the face, dermal fillers can reduce common signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss.

With a number of dermal fillers on the market, many of our patients are unsure as to which filler will help them achieve the results they want. At Specialists in Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer a variety of dermal fillers. This enables us to best match a filler to meet each of our patients needs and ensures that we are able to create a customized treatment based on your unique goals.

An Exploration of a Few of Our Favorite Dermal Fillers

Juvederm, Juvederm Voluma, & Restylane

Juvederm®, Juvederm Voluma®, and Restylane® are each derived of hyaluronic acid (HA). Found naturally in the body, hyaluronic acid lends to a healthy and plump appearance as it binds to water. Astonishingly, HA is capable of holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water. While naturally plentiful in the skin of our youth—hyaluronic acid levels start to decline as early as in our 30’s. With the addition of hyaluronic acid through dermal fillers, our skin increasingly mimics our skin of years-past—appearing soft, hydrated, lifted, and voluminous.

Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers show an immediate effect and may last from six months to two years. As a derivative of our own skin and connective tissue, there is minimal risk of adverse effects.

Sculptra Aesthetic

Sculptra® Aesthetic is the first facial injectable treatment that works gradually over time. A “collagen stimulator”, Sculptra Aesthetic is made up of a synthetic compound, poly-L-lactic acid. When injected, Sculptra Aesthetic causes the body to respond by making its own collagen. Similar as to the loss of hyaluronic acid, with age, our skin also loses its natural stores of collagen. By encouraging collagen production, Sculptra Aesthetic adds a subtle volume.

Unlike with other dermal fillers, results do take time to manifest. On average, patients undergo three injection sessions over a few months’ time. For many of our patients, results last over two years!

A Treatment Designed for You

Meet Amy McInnis, Specialists in Plastic Surgery’s advanced nurse injector. With over ten years of experience, Amy works alongside our team of board certified plastic surgeons to make sure that you are comfortable and confident with your decision. Passionate about your success, Amy works closely with you to find a treatment that suits your distinctive needs and particular preferences.

Fillers have the ability to “fit” every face. Along with their ability to restore a youthful fullness, dermal fillers work to plump the lips, enhance depressed contours, soften facial creases, and improve overall skin tone and texture. At our practice, we are careful to choose a filler based on volume loss, age, skin type, and gender.

Enjoy the Benefits of Dermal Fillers at Specialists in Plastic Surgery

If you would like to rejuvenate your appearance but are having trouble deciding on a dermal filler, please contact Specialists in Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Amy. Together, you can create a personalized treatment plan. Be on your way to a full, youth-like appearance!

Have you heard? In addition to our Raleigh office, we have just expanded with a new boutique practice in Cary. To welcome you, we are offering 15% discount on injectable fillers* through July.

*Some exclusions apply. Cannot be combined with other specials.