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Advantages of Our Private AAAASF Accredited Surgical Facility

Posted March 26, 2021 in Plastic Surgery

5 star surgical suite Specialists in Plastic Surgery has the benefits of an on-site AAAASF accredited surgical facility. We provide patients for Drs. Carlino, Blanton, Daluvoy and Wood with a private surgical facility dedicated to plastic surgery that meets the highest standards for outpatient surgery safety.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is mostly performed in an outpatient setting, and often in office based facilities. If you choose to have your surgery in an office based surgical facility be sure that the facility is accredited by either AAAASF or AAAHC. These are the only two office based accreditations recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Our private surgical facility offers many advantages over hospitals or outpatient surgery centers:

  1. Dedicated to cosmetic plastic surgery procedures
    Only cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are performed, therefore everything from the environment to the staff and equipment is specific to plastic surgery. You will have dedicated team members who already know about you and your surgical plan. The team members spend every day doing only one thing—plastic surgery with our surgeons.
  1. Privacy
    You will be greeted by warm, friendly faces who will provide you a comfortable atmosphere.  You will not be simply a number in a factory line—no lines, no waiting to be called back, no crowds. Upon arrival you will immediately be placed in a private, comfortable room equipped to make your pre-operative time relaxing. Your family or friends will have the option to wait in a private waiting room equipped with a natural view, wi-fi, magazines and refreshments upon request.
    After completion of your surgery you will recover in a private recovery area, with a dedicated nurse and team member. Once you are ready to go home, you will be taken through a private exit into our dedicated pick-up area.
  1. Safety
    AAAASF accreditation ensures that the personnel, equipment and drugs all meet strict standards for patient safety during routine cases and in the case of an emergency, should one occur, just as in a hospital. However, because hospitals see large volumes of patients, they also see large volumes of bacteria and viruses. Since office based facilities see smaller numbers of patients who are generally healthy, the risk of infection in an office based facility can be reduced compared to other settings.
  1. Convenience
    Greater flexibility and control over days and times for scheduling surgery and familiar, easy to access facility. Everything is in one place with the same team who knows you and can make the process smooth and calming.
  1. Affordability
    The facility cost for plastic surgery in an office based facility is typically the same or less than the cost for the same procedure when scheduled at a hospital or hospital affiliated outpatient center. Additionally, office based facilities are able to help secure financing for patients and can accept many forms of financing which most hospitals or outpatient centers do not accept.
  1. Anesthesia Options
    Patients rarely get the opportunity to have choices regarding the method of anesthesia they will receive during surgery. Most anesthesia methods in hospitals and outpatient centers are driven by controlling cost, not patient outcomes or preference. In our office based setting, many options regarding the type of anesthesia you receive are available, depending on your medical history and planned procedure, and can be tailored to address your concerns and specific needs. All anesthesia options from sedation, to TIVA (IV anesthesia), to traditional general anesthesia are considered. We choose the best method to suite your individual case without regard to cost differences and with no additional fees to the patient. From pre-existing medical conditions, to concerns over pain or nausea and vomiting to wanting to avoid feeling “drugged up” for days, anesthesia can be tailored to address your needs.The goal is a safe surgical experience and delivering just the right amount of anesthesia for your needs.To learn more about AAAASF accreditation, visit