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What Does an Eyebrow Lift Do?

Posted September 15, 2020 in Eyebrow Lift

Young woman touching her faceDo people ask you if you are tired or upset? Have you heard the question, “What’s wrong?” more often lately? If you’ve had more of those questions lately, or if you look in the mirror and wonder yourself why you look tired all the time, it may be simple aging making you appear more tired than you are. An eyebrow lift is one of the most effective ways to revive your youthful looks.

How Does an Eyebrow Lift Help Me Look Younger?

One of the most visible signs of aging people have is on the face. From wrinkles across the forehead (worry lines) to a crease between your eyebrows, to saggy, droopy eyes, the musculature under your forehead loses its elasticity and the resulting droopiness can age you. An eyebrow lift is designed to smooth your wrinkles and creases, typically with an incision under the hairline that will be barely perceptible.

Can I Have Other Procedures at the Same Time?

It’s quite practical to add a brow lift surgery to other surgeries and cosmetic treatments you are scheduling. A brow lift can be easily performed along with a face lift to address issues throughout the face. It can also be performed with a forehead lift, which can be especially necessary if you have a lot of skin. Eyelid surgery and Botox® injections are also common.

Benefits of a Brow Lift

Ultimately, like any cosmetic procedure, the only person you have to please is you.

The benefits of a brow lift are the visible changes – the kind the camera picks up during those countless zoom calls. You should not be surprised if, instead of asking you what’s wrong, people begin complimenting you on looking so vibrant and happy. You will look in the mirror and feel more self-confident.

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