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Three Common Reasons for Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Posted June 07, 2013 in Breast Enhancement

The hard part is over: You did your research, planning, and consultation – then finally had the breast augmentation you were considering for so long. If you’re like most women who get implants, (roughly 300,000 American women each year) then you’re happy with the results.

Over time, changes can occur that may lead you to consider breast implant revision surgery. Sometimes the changes are implant related, while other times they are natural changes in your body, such as those caused by weight loss.

Below are three common reasons why women choose to undergo a revision breast augmentation.

1. A desire to change the implant or breast size

Over time there are many factors that affect the appearance of your breasts and these can lead to a desire to either increase or downsize your breast implants. Changing the implant size and shape to better match your frame is one reason to undergo a breast implant revision. Especially after childbirth and changes in weight, the desired shape and size of your breasts can differ from the initial goals you had for your breast augmentation.

2. Switch from Saline to Silicone

Since the FDA lifted the moratorium on silicone implants in 2006, more women are electing to use them for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, or implant revision. Today’s implants come with a high strength cohesive silicone gel that is unlikely to ripple. While saline implants are very liquid-like, silicone implants are more stable. Switching implants is a relatively simple procedure, and the recovery time may even be shorter than your original augmentation.

3. Address changes in the breast tissue or shape

Natural body changes, due to childbirth, breast feeding, aging, or weight loss, will usually affect the results of breast augmentation. A breast lift can be done at the same time as the implant revision, to also provide a more youthful appearance.