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Skin Needs Care in the Winter, Too

Posted December 30, 2021 in Skin Care

woman hydrating hands skin with moisturizer cream in a snowy mountainYou know how much damage the harsh summer sun can do to your skin because you can feel its effects as soon as you step outside – and you probably have more than one memorable sunburn from too much time in the summer sun, too. But just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take extra steps to take care of your skin.

Pamper your skin this winter

You may not have the extra hot rays of the sun beating down on you, but the winter comes with a special set of problems for your skin. In fact, during the winter your skin is more fragile than it is in the summer. Make sure you:

• Wear sunscreen, even if the sun isn’t out. The sun’s rays can always find a way through the clouds. Even on days when it is rainy or snowy, don’t forget the sunscreen to protect your skin from damage – and, just in case the sun comes out and it is suddenly sunny, make sure you have your sunglasses with you to protect your eyes, too!

• Limit bath and shower time. Hot water can dry out your skin, and so can long showers and baths.

• Remember to moisturize. During the winter your skin puts up with a lot. There is cold weather outside and warm, dry air inside, which can lead to dry, cracked, painful skin. Moisturize your skin every day, with a thick cream or ointment for the hands. Use a hydrating cleanser for the face, and avoid cleansers with glycolic or salicylic acid.

• Help your skin when you can. Drink lots of water, and if the air in your home or office is unbearably dry invest in a humidifier.

• Treat your skin to some pampering. As the weather rages outside, enjoy a facial or other skin-pampering procedure at Specialists in Plastic Surgery, to really take care of your skin!

Just because the rays of the sun aren’t brutal doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t suffer in the colder months. Protect your skin this winter, and contact Specialists in Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina if you want a bit of winter pampering. Call (919) 785-0505 for an appointment today!