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Say Goodbye to Love Handles with Liposuction in North Carolina

Posted April 14, 2014 in Plastic Surgery

If those love handles or “muffin top” are making you self conscious about your appearance, talk to the Specialists in Plastic Surgery about the liposuction procedure. Those extra pockets of fat around the flanks can be resistant to diet and exercise. How many times have you tried to lose those bulges by doing more crunches or working out harder, but with no results? If the answer is “many,” it might be time to explore the idea of having those fatty deposits removed permanently. Liposuction in North Carolina is a body contouring procedure that can target localized fat and create that slim, sculpted look you want!

What Does It Take to Lose Love Handles?

Your natural body shape and genetics will determine whether your love handles are more pronounced, regardless of how much weight you gain or lose. While some people commit to rigorous workout programs to target their core and waistline, exercising can only do so much. Liposuction is the answer for those who have stubborn fatty pockets around the flanks.

It’s important to remember that losing weight naturally means you will lose weight all over and not from a specific area. You may go down a size when you lose weight, but your overall shape will not change. Liposuction in North Carolina and other body contouring procedures can be very effective for changing the shape of your body permanently. Since those fat cells are removed completely, any weight gain or loss after surgery will be more obvious on other parts of the body.

The Problem with Love Handles

Everybody stores fat in different places, and some men and women are simply genetically predisposed to accumulating extra fat around their waist. If you never seem to be able to find clothes that fit properly because of that band of fat around your lower waist, or you are tired of doing hundreds of crunches and twists to slim down your waistline, getting rid of that stubborn fat with liposuction in North Carolina may be your best option. Our board-certified surgeons can determine if you are a candidate for a body contouring procedure during your consultation.

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