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Choosing the Right Implant for You

Posted January 26, 2016 in Plastic Surgery

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Choosing the right implant is one of the most important decisions a woman can make when considering breast augmentation. At Specialists in Plastic Surgery, we understand this decision can be somewhat overwhelming. Like Dr. Blanton says, there are a “vast [number] of implant selections available.” Faced with multiple options, Dr. Blanton sympathizes that it is easy to “get boggled down with too many details over the manufacturer and implant style.” Here, along with the wisdom of Dr. Blanton, we hope to make your decision as easy as possible.

More than Your Cup Size

It is common for a woman to request a specific cup size. However, while it may be easy to say, ‘I want to be a ‘C’ cup,’ cup size does not provide an accurate description of breast size. Failing to take into consideration the shape and contour of your breast, cup size can be a misleading measurement. Largely arbitrary, cup sizes can vary from brand to brand. Keep in mind, a ‘C’ cup may be too small for you, but too large for your best friend.

Instead, sizing should be specific to your body. At Specialists in Plastic Surgery, we are careful to take a number of precise measurements—evaluating more than physical attributes, we also take into account your breast’s unique characteristics. Dr. Blanton explains, this provides us with the “opportunity to fit a particular implant characteristic with your body shape”. More than volume alone, a well-fit implant will be cohesive with your overall appearance.

Try It On for Size

Now for a little fun! During your consultation, you are able to try on various breast implant sizers. In fact, we encourage you to try on a number of implants to get a better idea of what looks—and feels—right for you.

Still uncertain as to what size to choose? At our office, we offer Vectra 3D, an innovative three-dimensional imaging system that can help you envision your breast augmentation outcome.

“Many patients also find the 3D photo analysis (Vectra) extremely beneficial,” says Dr. Blanton. He adds, that for many women, Vectra helps them “solidify their decision”.

With Vectra, you are able to see results specific to your figure

Remember: This is for You

As you go about your decision making process, we encourage you to remember, your breast enlargement surgery is for you—for your happiness and your satisfaction. Like Dr. Blanton says, “simply speaking, you have to decide what works best for you.” While easier said than done, Dr. Blanton is the first to remind his patients, that as a board certified plastic surgeons, along with his fellow surgeons, it is their responsibility to “educate you during your consultation and relieve the fretting”.

As a team team, we are dedicated to you and the success of your breast augmentation. We are proud to introduce Dr. Sanjay V. Daluvoy to our practice. Having studied at the likes of Brown University, George Washington University, and Duke University, Dr. Daluvoy joins the practice with expert training and a background that shows true dedication.

When it comes to choosing the size of your implant—and eventually, bosom, what matters most is that you stay true to yourself and that ultimately, you “decide what works best for you.” Please contact our Raleigh office if you have any questions or concerns as you embark on your breast augmentation journey.