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5 Reasons to Have Plastic Surgery this Fall or Winter

Posted November 06, 2019 in Body, Breast, Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Surgical Enhancement

woman throwing fall leaves in the airScheduling your plastic surgery procedure for fall or winter has many advantages. Cooler temperatures make your recovery more comfortable, and you can hide under heavier clothes until you are ready to reveal your final results. The best part is that you will look and feel amazing in time for summer fun.

With over 75 years of combined experience in plastic surgery, the board-certified plastic surgeons at Specialists in Plastic Surgery, PA have the skill and knowledge to deliver exceptional results. We will work with you to find the ideal time for your procedure.

1. Capitalize on your Summer Exercise Efforts

Body contouring procedures deliver the best results for patients who have put in time and effort to get slim and fit through healthy eating and consistent exercise prior to surgery. If you spent your summer biking, running, walking, and playing your way to fitness but still have some lingering fat or excess skin you want to eliminate, you can ride the wave of your summer efforts into a body contouring procedure that puts the final touches on your healthy body.

2. Slow Down and Stay In

While summer tends to call us outdoors and keep us moving from one activity to the next, cooler temperatures make it easier to slow down and stay in. As you recover from your procedure, you will have the perfect excuse to spend some time on the couch with a blanket and a book or your favorite show.

3. Conceal and Reveal

Recovering from cosmetic surgery typically involves some bruising and swelling. It also takes some time for incision lines to fade, and you want to protect the treated area from sun exposure.

Fall and winter’s cooler temperatures mean you can lean on turtlenecks, scarves, bulky sweaters, and hats to hide compression garments, redness, and other aspects of the healing process. This is especially advantageous for facial surgeries, such as neck lifts, face lifts, and brow lifts. You will be ready with time to spare to reveal your beautiful results when the weather warms up.

4. Holiday Perks

Holidays often come with time off work, which means you will not have to compete with your co-workers for days off or use as much paid-time-off as you might in the spring or summer. You may have an easier time finding a loved one who is available to help you around the house while you recover as well.

5. Avoid the Summer Body Scramble

When the first signs of spring appear, the reality that summer is around the corner hits for many people. They realize they are on the clock to get the summer body they want, and they scramble to schedule their cosmetic procedures.

Scheduling your procedure in the fall or winter makes it easier for you to choose a convenient time for your procedure and recovery. You also get the added bonus of being fully recovered in time for the first pool party of the summer.

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