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5 Reasons to Have a Nose Job

Posted June 15, 2020 in Nose

Rhinoplasty surgery linesThe nose job, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most commonly requested procedures. It is typically a low-risk procedure that can have a dramatic impact on the look, balance, and symmetry of the face. Many times, a nose job is accompanied by a corrective procedure that makes breathing easier or corrects a congenital defect like a deviated septum. These are the most common reasons people choose to have a nose job.

Straighten the Dorsal Hump

The dorsal hump is the bump on the top of the nose. In some people it is barely noticeable but in others it can impact the smooth and sharp look of the nose, especially in profile.

Nasal Tip Lift

In its most exaggerated form, the nasal tip curves down like a hook. For many people, however, even the slightest downturn of the nasal tip impacts their self-esteem. A nasal tip lift can even out the look of the entire face.

Nose Thinning

For some, the bulbous tip of the nose is too rounded or pronounced. If you find your profile less appealing because of a large bulbous tip, this is a common nose job request. The tip can be refined, and the size made more proportional to the face.

Nasal Bridge Contouring

Making the bridge of the nose narrower and sometimes flatter can help contour the nose and make it more symmetrical to the rest of the face. In some cases, this can also help make the entire face look more narrow.

Size Reduction

A very large nose can be an incredible detriment to a person’s self-esteem, especially if they are teased about it in school or feel it interferes with their ability to be confident. Reducing the size of the nose may require a combination of the procedures mentioned above.

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