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3 Ways Rhinoplasty Can Enhance Your Appearance

Posted February 18, 2015 in Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Very few people are born with a nose they are completely happy with, and if you feel self-conscious about the size or shape of your nose, undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure could help you to feel more confident in your appearance. Your nose is one of the focal points of the face, and in some cases, even a slight modification can make a significant difference. Invest in yourself this year with a facial procedure that will enhance your appearance and give you a boost of self-confidence! Here are three ways rhinoplasty can do just that:

1. Reshapes size of the nose and nostrils.

If you have very large or wide nose that tend to overshadow other facial features, nose surgery can reduce the size of the nose and nostrils to create a more balanced appearance. We can determine exactly what size and shape will be appropriate for you during your consultation. It’s important to note that we refrain from replicating the nose of a celebrity or any other pictures you may bring in because everything is customized to your face—not someone else’s. We can review different options during your consultation.

2. Restores facial symmetry.

An asymmetrical nose can be very distracting and may be taking away from the natural beauty and contours of your face. Undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure could help to restore symmetry to the face and correct any crooked angles. We can perform a simple procedure to realign the bridge and tip of the nose so that you have a more balanced facial profile from all angles.

3. Reshapes the tip.

A bulbous tip is a common concern for many rhinoplasty patients, but we can perform nose reshaping surgery to correct a thick, oversized, or even drooping tip. We will determine what the ideal shape of your nose will be based on your face shape and other facial features.

A rhinoplasty procedure can make a subtle or significant change to your facial appearance, depending on the type of techniques we use and your goals. We can correct many flaws and common concerns with a simple surgical procedure. If you are looking for a rhinoplasty specialist in Raleigh, schedule your consultation with the Specialists in Plastic Surgery today.