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3 Ways a Breast Lift Can Restore Your Bust

Posted May 17, 2016 in Breast Enhancement

A womans cleavage up close

Inevitably, a woman’s breasts will change overtime. Whether the changes are a result of pregnancy, weight fluctuation, or a woman’s natural aging process—a changed bosom is never desirable. Wonderfully restorative, a breast lift (mastopexy) is a popular procedure with women at Specialists in Plastic Surgery.

When should you consider a breast lift? Here, we discuss three concerns that a breast lift can address.

My breasts aren’t where they used to be…

Over time, skin elasticity is compromised and is no longer able to support the breasts as it once did. Becoming increasingly lax, a woman’s breasts elongate and start to work their way lower and lower down her chest. By removing excess skin and tightening the underlying supportive tissues, a breast lift repositions the breasts to a more youthful and perkier point.

My breasts aren’t the shape they used to be…

As a woman’s breasts work their way downward, they also tend to lose their naturally voluptuous shape. While not looking to dramatically alter the size of their breasts, many women love that through a breast lift, they are able to reshape their breasts. That said, some women choose to augment their breasts with an implant to restore fullness to their breasts.

My nipples no longer point straight ahead…

Just as the breasts fall, so too can a woman’s nipples. Many women are discouraged that, instead of pointing straight ahead, their nipples now face the floor. What’s more, a downward facing nipple can further add to the drooping appearance of one’s breasts. During your breast lift, your surgeon can expertly shape and reposition the areola and nipple.

Lift Your Spirits with Us at Specialists in Plastic Surgery

With the help of our team of board certified plastic surgeons, a breast lift can restore their breasts—both in position and shape. Please contact our cosmetic patient coordinator, Peggy Odel, to schedule your personalized breast lift consultation.