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Body Contouring Case 1


Gender: Female
Age: 35

Procedure: Other Post-Bariatric Procedures Surgical Procedure Type: Post-Bariatric Body Lift Doctor’s Comments Abdominoplasty (T-shaped incision) 35yo female following gastric bypass surgery Pre-op: 185lbs Post-op: 160lbs Additional staged surgeries: Bilateral mastopexy, Bilateral brachioplasty, Revision abdominoplasty 11mo follow-up photo Doctor comments: This patient lost 115lbs following gastric bypass surgery and was left with excess skin that she disliked. She had an abdominoplasty performed first, then subsequently had staged procedures several months later including mastopexy and brachioplasty. She had some areas along the abdomen that required attention, so a revision abdominoplasty was performed. This case demonstrates the challenge in performing body contouring procedures after massive weight lost requiring multiple procedures to achieve the best result.