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Patient Testimonial – Breast Reduction Video Transcription


Hi, my name is Adrian. I’m 25 years old. I had a breast reduction with a lift. The main thing that drove me to get the procedure is that, for the last few years I’ve been having trouble, shoulder pain, and neck pain. It was really inhibiting my ability to exercise and function at my job as a nurse, and so that was the main thing that drove it. But I also just wanted the freedom to be able to wear clothes that I wanted, and just to feel comfortable in my own body. And have better proportions overall.
So during the consultation, just overall stepping into the office, I just felt immediately comfortable. The office is so beautiful and just everyone was so friendly. From the front desk, to the nurses, to Dr. Daluvoy himself. I just immediately felt comfortable, and knew that he was the right person to be doing the surgery. And I had been so nervous, and so I just automatically felt comfortable and just in the right hands.
The nurses did a really good job of explaining everything to me. And really explaining what was going to be happening beforehand, during the procedure, and then just after the procedure, and how to take care of myself at home. So just overall, the whole experience from start to finish was amazing. And then after the procedure, I definitely felt like I was well-prepared for knowing what was going to happen afterwards. I knew that it was going to hurt, but they prepared me well. And gave me all of the tools to be successful at home, and take care of myself at home post-op.
Dr. Daluvoy really made me feel like he really knew what I wanted. He really listened to what I wanted to get out of the breast reduction. How I wanted to look at the end. He gave me suggestions based off of what I already looked like, and how I could look better afterwards. And just really made me feel comfortable through the whole procedure. And it was like talking to someone that was my friend. It was easy, it was comfortable. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with him. So overall, it was just great.
Overall, my experience was great. Coming from being a nurse myself, it’s a different experience when you come in and you kind of know what to expect when walking into a healthcare office. And so just everyone making me feel comfortable being on the opposite end of being a patient, was just all the difference to me. And just having things explained to me. Even though I was a nurse, they explained things to me as they would anyone else. And everyone was helpful and smiling and just easy to be around. And that’s what made all the difference for me, and that’s why I chose Specialist in Plastic Surgery.
I feel amazing. I feel like I can go to the mall and pick out anything I want to wear. I have not had any neck and shoulder pain since having surgery, and that’s just been life-changing for me. I was going to physical therapy twice a week. I was doing chiropractor massage. I was doing all the things and just nothing was working. And this was the one thing that really changed my life, and helped me get my life back. And just being able to exercise, feel confident in my own skin again. And being able to do my job without having pain at the end of a shift was just, it was life-changing. It really changed my life.