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Mommy Makeover Video Transcription

Dr. Daluvoy:

Hi, Dr. Daluvoy with Specialists in Plastic Surgery. Mommy Makeover is a commonly used term to describe plastic surgery for women who’ve completed childbearing and want to undergo aesthetic surgery. The term is not the best, but the essence is about helping women regain their confidence. Childbearing is tough on women, both physically and emotionally. They sacrifice and give themselves selflessly. Their bodies go through significant wear and tear. There does come a time when women wake up from this fog of children and justifiably want to focus on themselves. Self-care becomes very important. They want to reclaim their bodies. The world of plastic surgery can help in this endeavor of regaining self-confidence. More and more women are becoming comfortable undergoing plastic surgery. These surgeries primarily involve the classic tummy tuck to correct that saggy excess apron of skin in the belly. It also involves breast surgeries like a lift or an augmentation to help restore shape, volume, and perkiness in the deflated, saggy breasts after breastfeeding. There are also other areas that women are interested in, such as an arm lift, a thigh lift, or even a labioplasty. The canvas is blank for you and I to design a plan that addresses your primary areas of concern. Who are good candidates? These are healthy individuals who are at their ideal body weight and finished having children. In the consultation, my goal is to make you comfortable and educate you on all your options. We’ll spend time together to review the areas of concern, we’ll review pros and cons, and I’ll use pictures and illustrations as well as before and afters to help outline a plan. We will review your recovery. In general, I advocate an active recovery for the first two weeks with early returned activities and work, but in a measured and safe way to minimize complications. Usually by four to six weeks, you’ll be able to resume normal activities. Optimal results will usually take about six months after the scars have healed and all the swelling has gone down. Our goal is to tackle the areas that bother you the most and help you regain your confidence.