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Injectables Experience Video Transcription

Sarah: Hi, I’m Sarah. I turned 38 today. I have never had any kind of filler or Botox. I’m very excited to start. I’m not really sure where I’m getting this done, so we’re very excited to see what it looks like at the end.

Amanda: So I would probably start with where she’s starting to show a lot of aging is up in the forehead where you can just start to see the little bit of elevens, and she’s starting to get the horizontal creases, so a little bit of Botox would soften those lines. I’d also consider doing a little bit of Botox around the crow’s feet for when you make your big happy smile. We can just soften those up a little bit, and we could also add a little bit of volume to the midface, which would help soften the lines that she’s experiencing in the lower face. And if she wanted to, smile real big, she’s starting to show a little bit of a gummy smile, and we could do a tiny bit of Botox on both sides, just to bring that lower lip down. And if she’s interested in it, she could do a little bit of filler in her lips just to give her a little bit of pop. And any other areas that you’re interested in or that you’ve thought about?

Sarah: Yeah, I’d like to, my face feels a little uneven, probably from sleeping on it. From sleeping on the side. So if we could even it out and make it a little more-

Amanda: Symmetrical.

Sarah: … symmetrical.

Amanda: Yeah, that would definitely be an option.

Sarah: [inaudible 00:01:35]. I love my profile. They put in a little bit of volume in my cheeks. They restructured my chin. We put in Botox up here, so over time it’s going to calm down a little bit. It’s going to take a little bit. But I love it. I had a great experience. We did my lips. As you can see, there’s still a little bruise, but I’m feeling great. I love it. I absolutely will come back and do this again.