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What Is Facial Waxing and Lash/Brow Tinting?

Facial waxing removes unwanted hair from the face and shapes the brows.

Tinting is great for redheads, blonds, or anyone with light eyebrows and/or eyelashes, or eyelashes that are lighter at the tips. It is liberating for the summer in particular–especially if you like to spend a lot of time in the water or at the beach!

How Long Is the Treatment and How Many Will Be Needed?

Brow waxing and tinting takes only about 15 minutes each. Since the hair grows back it will need to be redone on a regular basis to maintain the results.

Brows will need to be waxed about every four weeks to maintain a beautifully defined shape. Eyelash and brow tinting can be redone every 4 weeks, if desired, but can last up to six weeks.

Is It Painful?

Brow waxing is only momentarily uncomfortable for some, and tinting is completely painless.

What Can Be Expected Before Treatment?

Avoid Retinols one week prior to waxing.

After Treatment?

After the treatment there are no special requirements.

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