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Specialists1webWith the increased interest women are having in pursuing a breast augmentation, there are several important aspects to discuss with your cosmetic surgeon before moving on with surgery.

It is not as simple as just dropping in a couple of implants and calling it a day, you have several different choices available to you! After all, it is your body so you should be able to customize it the way that you want.

One thing to consider about breast implants is: should the implants be placed over or under the pectoral muscle?

On Top of the Muscle

Subglandular placement is the more common of the two different methods. With subglandular placement, the breast implant is placed beneath the breast tissue and over the pectoral muscle.

When is this placement best? Many patients choose subglandular placement when they are looking to go for one of the larger sized implants. Because the implant is placed above the muscle, it allows for more of a range in sizes than would be possible with submuscular placement. This technique also makes for a shorter and more comfortable recovery time which has also been a big factor in the decision making process for many women.

Under the Muscle

Submuscular placement, when the implant is placed under the tissue and the pectoral muscle, has been gaining popularity because of its natural looking results.

When is this placement best? Many women choose submuscular patient because the extra coverage from placing the implant beneath the muscle often results in a more natural appearance and decreases the chance of rippling or folding with the implant. This works best for women looking for a more subtle and natural looking change in the size of their breasts.

Decision time!

So will it be over or under? The decision is really up to you based on what you are looking for. Breast augmentations have been the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States and are known for their high satisfaction rating. If you feel like you can benefit from getting breast implants, talk to your cosmetic surgeon about the steps that you can take to achieve the results that you desire.

Do you feel ready to take the next step in achieving your new look?

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“My self confidence has skyrocketed. I now feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. Thank you! Dr. Daluvoy and the entire staff at SIPS were fantastic in every way possible. They took the time to listen to my concerns and answer all questions I had. They were kind and respectful and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable in even my most vulnerable state.”

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