What is a Breast Lift?

Close up of shapely sexy woman wearing white braDrooping or sagging of the breasts is a common concern for many women – either simply because of age or due to life factors such as childbirth or significant weight loss. When the skin surrounding the breasts loses elasticity, it can cause them to point downward and sit lower on the body than desired. Breast lift surgery (or mastopexy) is a procedure performed to remove excess skin to create a more youthful and perky appearance of the breasts.

Breast lift surgery is performed by our team of board-certified plastic surgeons at Specialists in Plastic Surgery. We would love to meet with you to discuss your own personal circumstances and unique goals with this breast enhancement procedure. To schedule your private consultation with one of our experienced breast surgeons, please contact our Raleigh plastic surgery office at (919)-785-0505 or by filling out our online contact form.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

We recommend breast lift surgery to women who are struggling with any of the following concerns:

  • Sagging or drooping of the breasts
  • A flattened or elongated shape of the breasts
  • Nipples that fall below the breast crease when unsupported
  • Downward-pointing nipples and areolas
  • Stretched skin and/or enlarged areolas
  • The asymmetrical positioning of the breasts

These concerns are extremely common and may occur for a number of reasons, including age, genetics, weight loss, and pregnancy.

A breast lift alone will not increase the fullness of the breasts or reduce their overall size but can be combined with other breast enhancement procedures to achieve the desired outcome.

See What Our Patients Have to Say!

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"So very satisfied with the results of my breast augmentation and lift! Dr. Carlino and his staff were absolutely wonderful! They kept me informed the whole way, answering any questions and making me feel that they really cared. Before surgery I was so nervous but Dr. Carlino and the anesthesiologist were so comforting and made me feel so safe. Thank you, thank you!!!" - Jenny E.

To read more patient reviews click here, or click here to view our video testimonials!

What Does Breast Lift Surgery Entail?

breast lift correction. Plastic surgery, isolated, white backgroundSimply put, a breast lift is a cosmetic breast enhancement procedure that is used to restore a more youthful position and appearance of the breasts. This is done by removing excess skin in order to improve elasticity and carefully reposition the breast. In some cases, this may require also repositioning the nipples in order to correct any downward pointing that often occurs with age.

Your specific breast lift will be personalized based on your existing condition and personal goals. Certain aspects of the surgery will vary from patient to patient, including the incision location and type. Your Specialists plastic surgeon will work with you to determine the best approach for your surgery, creating a customized surgical plan completely tailored to you.

Breast lift surgery at Specialists in Plastic Surgery is performed under intravenous (local) sedation or general anesthesia administered by our board-certified anesthesiologist. Most surgical procedures are completed on-site at our AAAASF accredited surgical facility to ensure each patient the safest and most rewarding experience.

Can a Breast Lift be Combined with Other Breast Procedures?

At Specialists in Plastic Surgery, many of our patients wish to undergo a complete rejuvenation of their breasts by combining breast lift surgery with a breast augmentation (the use of breast implants). This popular combination helps to address two major concerns women have with their breasts as they get older: drooping/sagging and a loss of volume. Both happen naturally with age and can occur earlier in life due to one or multiple pregnancies. With this combination, the breasts are tightened and repositioned with a breast lift, while the augmentation portion helps to replenish volume and a youthful shape – all in a single procedure.

With patients who have experienced significant weight loss, a lift may be combined with breast reduction surgery. However, in some cases, a reduction alone may be sufficient.

How Long is the Recovery Period Following Breast Lift Surgery?

A woman wearing white bandages around her breast from a breast lift.Once your breast lift is completed, our plastic surgery team will apply the necessary dressings and bandages over the closed incisions. An elastic compression bandage will also be provided in order to help reduce swelling. Your plastic surgeon will give you specific and detailed aftercare instructions depending on your specific case.

Recovery time will vary from patient to patient. It is recommended that you allow yourself 1-2 weeks before returning to work and light activity, and 3-6 weeks before resuming more strenuous exercise. However, it is important to be wary of your body and consult your surgeon if you are experiencing any unusual pain or discomfort.

When Will the Breast Lift Results be Noticeable?

You will notice an immediate difference in the look and position of your breasts following your breast lift surgery. Swelling, bruising, and scarring are normal and to be expected during the healing process. These post-surgical signs will gradually fade over time, revealing younger, beautifully positioned breasts.

Although no plastic surgery procedure can completely prevent the natural effects of aging for good, breast lift surgery will provide extremely long-lasting results. Many women experience higher levels of self-confidence following their procedure and feel more like themselves. Our plastic surgeons specialize in providing extremely natural-looking results that are unique to each individual patients’ goals and figure.

Schedule Your Breast Lift Consultation in Raleigh

Our plastic surgeons have over 75 years of combined experience in cosmetic plastic surgery. Once you feel ready, we would love to speak with you about your breast lift surgery options. Please give our office a call at (919)-785-0505 to schedule your private consultation at Specialists in Plastic Surgery. We are proud to serve patients in Raleigh, North Carolina, and its surrounding areas, as well as those coming from out-of-town.

Real Patient Ratings

Real Patient Reviews for Specialists in Plastic Surgery

These comments are provided by RealPatientRatings.com, an independent survey service. Not just anyone can go online and write a review through RealPatientRatings®. Only our actual patients are surveyed following their consult or procedure. Participating providers cannot choose which patients are surveyed or censor the reviews.

Arm Lift, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck Review for Sanjay Daluvoy, MD

I had arm lift, breast lift and augmentation, tummy tuck and flanks removal. I love my body, Dr. Daluvoy has given my confidence back. Dr. Daluvoy listens and his staff is very polite. I love coming to the clinic. *

Breast Lift, Arm Lift Review for Matthew Blanton, MD

Dr. Blanton continues to help me continue my weight loss journey by removing the excess skin off of my body and look my absolute best. Each procedure has looked wonderful and they have gone above and beyond to help if I needed it. [Single best thing is...] It also included an arm lift. It helped get weight off my chest and arms, less movement when I move and less bulk.*

Breast Lift Review for Donald Oschwald, MD

Everyone surrounding Dr. Oschwald was professional, very knowledgeable, friendly, and very clean office. [Single best thing is...] Results.*

Breast Lift Review for Richard Carlino, MD

I was fully informed of what and how the procedure would be performed and what to expect afterwards. *

Breast Lift Review for Sanjay Daluvoy, MD

Dr. Daluvoy was fantastic. His work is meticulous and his bedside manner is amazing. I had a breast lift and then had augmentation 3 months later. I couldn’t be happier with my results! I highly recommend Dr. Daluvoy to perform any surgical procedure. [Single best thing is...] I am so happy with my new breasts! They look amazing and I should have done it 10 years ago! I’m so happy I followed all Dr. Daluvoy’s advice. He really cares about his work and his patients! *

Breast Lift Review for Richard Carlino, MD

Excellent bed side manner, made me comfortable, never waited during appointment times. *

Breast Lift Review for Sanjay Daluvoy, MD

Dr. Daluvoy was wonderful. He took time to listen to my concerns and even held my hand before surgery while they put me under. He knew I was nervous because I had never had major surgery before. I could not have asked for a more compassionate surgeon. My results are great and I couldn't be happier with my experience. *

Breast Lift Review for Richard Carlino, MD

I went to see Dr. Carlino for a breast lift consultation a few years ago and decided to hold off on the procedure. When I was ultimately ready I came back to have it done a few months ago. Dr. Carlino and his staff were amazing. They are so kind and humble. The entire office is amazing. They make you feel so welcome from start to finish.*

Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Breast Implant Revision Review for Sanjay Daluvoy, MD

I am beyond elated with my procedure. I was a bit nervous going in but this was something I had wanted to do for quite a while. Dr. Daluvoy and staff are amazing. I am only 2 days post op and have had no problems whatsoever.*

Breast Lift Review for Richard Carlino, MD

Great outcome *

*Client testimonials are based on personal experience. Individual results may vary.


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