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4 Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer

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As we age, the face often loses its youthful fullness. In large part, this is due to the fact that fat naturally decreases over time. A lack of facial fat makes way to loose and sagging skin. Less voluminous, the face appears gaunt and seemingly hollow. A small amount of well-positioned fat in your face can restore a youthful vibrancy and can help to define your facial features. Relatively simple and uniquely beneficial—facial fat transfer is a natural way to permanently restore facial volume.


But just what makes this treatment unique? Here, we discuss four benefits of facial fat transfer:

Removes Fat from Unwanted

Whether it be our stomach, love handles, buttocks, or thighs—every one of us has a stubborn area that we are not pleased with. Through liposuction, fat is harvested from a troublesome area, creating a slimmer, and more sculpted look. The liposuctioned fat is then treated to remove impurities before being injected into the facial area.

Long and Lasting Results

Similar to dermal fillers—facial fat transfer restores volume to the face. While injectable treatments are a wonderful to temporarily restore lost volume, they are just that, a short-term solution. The results from facial fat transfer can last considerably longer and in many cases, offer a permanent rejuvenation.

Cost Effective

As a long lasting solution, facial fat transfer can be considerably more cost effective than repeat injections of dermal fillers.

Natural Appearance and Feel

As you are replacing “like with like”—in this case, fat with fat—facial fat transfer can give you the most natural results. When done successfully, the injected fat establishes a new blood supply from your body. This helps to not only give your face a natural fullness, but also have a natural feel. By harvesting fat, you also greatly reduce the chance of an allergic reaction as no foreign substance enters your body.

A Refreshed Face at Specialists in Plastic Surgery

Facial fat transfer is a great and effective treatment to restore lost volume in the cheeks, eyes, lips, and jawline. At Specialists in Plastic Surgery, we want to help you rejuvenate your appearance. Supple skin, rounder cheeks, and refreshed eyes can be yours. To learn more, schedule a consultation with one of our highly trained surgeons.

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